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Tuesday afternoons in term time, 1.30 – 3.30pm

Emmanuel Baby Toddler Group has been running for many years and is well known in the local community. We are always keen to welcome new people along, and you can call in for all or part of the session (some people come along and then pop off at around 3 to pick up older children from school). 

We have a mixture of people who come from Mums with young babies to Grandparents, Toddlers and pre-schoolers and occasionally, some Dads!

During the afternoon children play in the playhouse and cook up a ‘wonderful treat’, have a go on the climbing frame shooting down the slide at the end, or take a dolly for a walk, read a book or make a card for a special occasion! There are games, toys, playdough – even a police car to be taken for a spin!


As well as playing we have a wonderful singing time, accompanied by a guitar – always finishing by ‘Jumping up and down on a big red tractor’!!

There are drinks for children and grown-ups, (and a yummy biscuit – we are well known for supplying the best!) Fruit is also provided.

By the way, the grown-ups all have a wonderful time too having a chat and a fun time together!